Welcome to our Home!

Welcome to our home, it is our intention to introduce you to our aims, plans and objectives for achieving a lasting legacy, a Community Facility, which will be of benefit of the communities which collectively form Mid and Upper Annandale from Ecclefechan in the south to Moffat in the north and Lochmaben in the west to Langholm in the east.

Lockerbie Swimming Pool and Leisure Centre Trust which registered as a charity with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator on 9 December 1995 consists entirely of local community members who willingly give of their personal time in an unpaid capacity to try and make this a reality.

Making a splash!

Lockerbie Swimming Pool and Leisure Centre Trust is a constituted body of unpaid volunteers, working on behalf of the community.   Our objective is to advance the welfare, education, recreation and physical well-being of the community by fundraising, designing, building and operating a Community Facility incorporating a swimming pool and leisure Centre.

If you wish to leave any comments – register, or log in at any time.   You will then be able to make comment on our hopes, wishes and aspirations.

Our mission

“To provide a first class Community Facility including a  swimming pool and leisure facility for the communities of Mid and Upper Annandale and to promote the well-being of its people through healthy recreation and physical activity and to provide a facility for education and training of life skill”

This website will help you find out more about our charity, the vision for the Community Facility and how you can get involved.

We need your help!

You can help make a Community Facility in Lockerbie a reality by making a charitable donation using our secure online donation site.


Together, we can do it!